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May 13
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The Arc Menu Launcher V.2.0 by closer2thelung The Arc Menu Launcher V.2.0 by closer2thelung
Change Log
Note: This will most likely be the last update to this skin unless user issues arise
Added: A digital VU meter that can be turned on or off using the EQ button in music controls
Added: A button in music controls for Full Screen Music mode
Added: A clock app
Added: A weather app
Added: An RSS reaser app
Added: 2 more pages for Games menu
Added: Mouse over track info for album art
Added: Default image for album art when no music player is open.
Changed: Utilized the new image mask feature for album art/slideshow and other apps
Fixed: A clip string issue for 1 item in Games menu
Fixed: A problem with loading/unloading app 5

Added: I had to change a ton of code but now you can now change the overall size of the entire skin
    (Menu Size option now located in under GENERAL OPTIONS FOR ALL)
Added: Added an optional EXE file that allows you to toggle the skins position to always on top with the press of the Left Win key
    (The AutoHotKey script converted to EXE is located in "Rainmeter\Skins\Circles Menu\AutoHotKey")

Fixed: Album Art app now supports Windows Media Player
    (Thanks to darkstar9723 for bringing this to my attention)

Added: Full screen mode for album art. screenshot
    (Activate with the FS button in music control bar. Deactivate by right clicking anywhere in full screen mode)
Fixed: "Documents" pages 2-8 now opens the shortcuts

Fixed: Changed update values to make skin run much much faster
Fixed: Made processor bar a separate ini file to make skin run faster
    (Thanks to TweaknFreak for the suggestions!)

Added: Outline option for entire skin (can be found in under GENERAL OPTIONS FOR ALL)
Changed: Center app icons now toggle apps (skins), so you can easily load or unload app by clicking on same icon

First release

Introducing The Arc Menu Launcher. An all in one menu launcher for your desktop.

The Arc contains 6 menu items: Bookmarks, Downloads, Games, Applications, Documents, and Controls.
Right click on any menu to open the respective folder path.
Each menu option displays the menu items to the right. Click on the icon of the item to launch the respective item.
Scroll up or down on your mouse to navigate pages.

You may have up to 12 quicklaunch icons. Hover over the icon for application name.
Right click on any Quick launch icon to open the Quick Launch folder.

A round VU meter around the entire skin that can be turned on or off using the EQ button in the music control bar.

The inner most ring of The Arc gives you quick access to 5 useful apps:
Album Art: Displays art for current track | shows progress of track | mouse over for track info | scroll down to fast forward | scroll up to rewind | left click to open player
Clock: Displays current time and date
Slide Show: Automatically cycles through a specified picture folder | left click to open picture | right click to change picture
Weather" Displays today/tomorrow/next day temperatures | shows icon for current weather
RSS Reader: Displays 6 articles from 4 of your favorite RSS feeds

The bottom center ring contains basic music controls (Prev | Play/Pause | Next) that work with itunes or winamp.
Use the EQ button to turn on/off the digital VU meter
Use the FS button to go into Full Screen Music mode (Right click anywhere in full screen mode to deactivate)

Customizable RAM/CPU indicator bar.

I have included an optional EXE file that can toggle the skin's position to always on top with the press of the Left Win key.
The exe is an AutoHotKey script converted to exe. It is located in "Rainmeter\Skins\Circles Menu\AutoHotKey"
If you want this to run automatically on startup, simply put the exe in your startup folder

The Arc is completely customizable through in the Resources folder. You can change the overall size of the entire skin, the color and opacity of everything, font size, font type, icon size, menu paths, add an outline and much more. Everything can be tweaked in

The default folder locations for your Bookmarks, QuickLanch and Controls shortcuts are in "Rainmeter\Skins\Circles Menu\Folders\". This can be changed in

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to post!

In order for this skin's apps to display properly using Rainmeter's new image mask feature, you need Windows 7 or higher. Win 7 users also need this windows platform update


The original album art viewer and the picture viewer were made from MoshiAB's "The First Round Album Cover"
The new album art and picture viewer and music controls are made from rabra's CoveR
Digital VU meter made from pisac's Circle LEvel
The RAM/CPU bar was inspired by Jkon00's "Pog Pack"
Clock app made from twistlemon's Elegant Clock
Weather app made from evertonstz's July Flat'ish
RSS app made from InteractEight's FLaTT's *FINAL*
Quick Launch icons shown in preview are Fi3uR's "Light Dock Icons"
Wallpapers shown in preview (left to right) Jarvis Logon | Cosmos | Deep Sea | Black Sheep | Van Gogh
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Warsfa Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Im so confused on what im supposed to be doing on how to put the icons in the little boxes can someone please help
closer2thelung Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I know it can be a bit confusing especially if you are new to rainmeter. It is quite simple though.
Go to the quicklaunch folder I created for the skin located at: Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Circles Menu\Folders\Quick Launch
then add any shortcuts you like in that folder. (Up to 12)
The shortcuts have to be .LNK format (normal shortcut format)

Once you have added shortcuts, you can right click on any of the quicklaunch icons in the skin to open your quicklaunch folder.

If you have any more questions let me know
Warsfa Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
Could u drag a shortcut for a game into this folder or is their a specific way to make these shortcuts And also the folder doesn't open up when right clicked on application most of the other ones work 
closer2thelung Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You could ALT drag a program. It will say "create link in". That will create a shortcut. Or right click on the program>send to>desktop (create shortcut). Then place the shortcut in your quicklaunch folder.

Not sure why right click on application isn't working. I just tested it again and it seems to be working. Maybe rainmeter is busy? It's sometimes pretty resource heavy.
Warsfa Featured By Owner 2 days ago
So i put all my games in the quicklaunch folder using alt and draging a program. but their all in different spots like some of my games are in the bookmarks section how do i change that?
closer2thelung Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well the are sorted alphabetically from the top to bottom. Where they are in the quicklaunch semi-circle is unrelated to what menu icon is above it. If you want it set up like that I guess you could just name the shortcuts "01shortcut.lnk","02shortcut.lnk" and so on.... to have them sorted any way you like.
Warsfa Featured By Owner 2 days ago
umm ok but it doesnt let me open the games via clicking the icon in any of the boxes and how do you install that light icons dock thing because i cant seem to figure that out 
closer2thelung Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
make sure they are shortcuts in the quicklaunch folder. Not exe's. They have to have .LNK extension.

Those light icons are png format. You can use a website like to convert each png to ico format. then right click on each shortcut to change the icon
(4 Replies)
Amad881 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can we get spotify support?
closer2thelung Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
unfortunately rainmeter doesn't support spotify album art. only track info. there is a supposed method in order to get it to work that involves getting a personal api from and scraping the info from spotify, but its very hit and miss.
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